one of my favorite parts of blogging is how it drives me to photograph things i’ve seen at least a hundred times … and then see them all over again in a completely different way – and as if it’s the first time.  i miss this tons.  so, here goes more blogging.

time will tell how long i can stick to the task but i’m not worrying.  life is full and i’ll get to it when i get to it.  since the last time i entered (aside from yesterday)…  i’ve completed half of my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling, become officially divorced, traveled to central america for volunteer work, my kids are now all old enough to beat me at scrabble… and i’ve learned maybe a thousand more things about life.  there’s plenty going on.

and with many demands but things are good.  as part of my masters studies, i do field work in a place (undisclosed for personal and professional reasons) where i counsel folks who are facing tremendous challenges in life coming from all directions.  it’s a constant reminder to never give up hope in someone’s potential and to be thankful for all around me.

the work is wonderful but can be tough and stressful – i’m encouraged by mentors (as are all of my cohorts) to find modes of ‘self-care’… taking care of my physical, mental and emotional stress during a period of full-time school, managing a family and a complex internship job.  everyone has their personal needs in terms of ‘self-care’.  taking time to look around me, photograph and write (not pulitzer prize winning material – just thoughts on paper) are ways i can keep up that ‘self-care’.  so here goes….

yesterday, i drove to albany for some shopping errands (pant shopping to be specific – something that will *never* be chronicled here. or anywhere.) and i took that time to look around me as i made my way over in some quite lovely snowfall.  here’s the result…


tarbox farms, new york.


lone ice fisherman on tomhannock reservoir.


bookstore – hoosick falls, ny.


the hand sculpture (official name unknown). near hoosick, ny.


antique shop – hoosick falls, ny.