recently i took another break from blogging…too many priorities, too little time.  just before taking this break last fall, i was nominated for a ‘beautiful blogger award’ by fellow blogger cara at food, foraging and farms.  many thanks to cara, whose blog is inspiring and serene!  as she explained, there are several ‘rules’ with accepting this lovely award.  they are as follows:

beautiful blogger award

1.  thank the nominating blogger (thank you again, cara!).

2.  attach the award to your site for “braggin’ rights”.

3.  share 7 random facts about you.  (not in any order of importance:  the beach is my favorite venue, the film i could watch over and over again is ‘raising arizona’, grits are one of my favorite foods, i am a grad student in applied psychology, this is the third masters degree i have pursued and the first one i hope to actually complete, i have been sewing since the age of nine and i once briefly owned a shop selling my handmade goods plus antiques.)

4.  share some of my favorite and most inspirational blogs, which are:

everyday musings



for me, for you

on bluepoolroad

old brand new

daniella marie

these are all gorgeous blogs and worth a peek.  thank you again to ‘food, foraging and farms’ for the nomination!