it’s nearly impossible to take vermont for granted this time of year.  the weather wasn’t outstanding over the last couple of days but it just gave all the glorious beauty around here a different shade of light in which to enjoy.  leaves, food, friends, happy crowds (yes, happy – nobody i ran into was grumpy this weekend), coffee, dogs, birthdays, walks, yarn, marble quarries, art exhibits, maple everything… the list goes on and it’s ridiculously grand.

bought this already made rather than trying to convince myself i would knit before winter.

antique metal fan.

vintage clothes found in town.

the paul fersen book in the middle here is a personal favorite.

old school sled.

on the sidewalk.

‘vermont life’ cover from 1964.

i think these are vintage letterpress pieces. wish i had something to do with them – hated to pass them up.

our beautiful mountains.

…and again, beautiful mountains – made only more lovely by the moody gray skies.

leafy brook.

a neighbor’s newfie.

morning walk up the road.