and here is the always hopping beale street, situated at the heart of downtown memphis.  we rolled into memphis about 8pm, found a great bbq joint for dinner (‘the bar-b-que shop’ – shown below) and then landed on beale street around 10pm.  to enter, we were patted down and wanded with metal detectors.  i also had to show i.d. in order to enter the gates – kids are only allowed in until 11pm.  the street is blocked to foot traffic only and on a saturday night, the walks are full.  we also cruised through a small park situated halfway down the street, where musicians were set up under a tent and anyone who wanted to could jump up and start dancing.  there were probably 30 adults moving along to the tunes and then stalls of art, costume jewelry, flea items.  one thing i didn’t hear a lot of was the blues, though… unfortunately.  probably have to go elsewhere in town for that-

excellent dinner

beale street from above

dancing in the park on beale street.