on our last night in nashville, we headed over to the ‘family wash’ venue/restaurant.  housed in an old laundromat in super hip east nashville and recommended by friends who live here – this little gem has great food, beer and music.  family wash is owned by a locally well-known musician and entertainment bookerwho has created and kept open a fantastically gritty, fabulous and crazy friendly little place.  we loved it.  (one additional note – reading up on the owner of ‘family wash’, i noticed he was from boston – and would add that i ran into several folks who were transplants to this area.  i can easily see why – nashville is very laid back, beautiful yet raw, still retains a great vintage feel, brimming with culture and history of all sorts, people are very approachable – and because of the music industry, there’s a lot of hopeful and dreamy-eyed ambition to be found in aspiring musicians who are *everywhere* in the city… so much to love and easy to see why someone would want to live here.)