the ten year old ‘forecastle’ festival was held over this past weekend in louisville, kentucky. the event has grown steadily each year and has hosted a long list of great bands (or at least bands i’d love to see) along with rows of artist, local food, indie brewing co, environmental org booths. this festival is held at waterfront park in louisville, which is situated (as its name implies) on the ohio river – gorgeous vintage bridges in the background. lots of space to spread out (multiple stages allow several music acts to appear simultaneously throughout the day), crowds large and enthusiastic enough to make the event a success but mellow enough to really enjoy everything going on around – and it was all super kid friendly. my daughter had her own little stage ‘act’ of cartwheels, headstands, running leaps over our blanket, etc. running through the evening.

wilco on mast stage at the end of the evening

my younger two enjoying the show

wilco on mast stage

mustache girl

gorgeous unfilitered evening sky

mast stage from a distance

local coffee vendor

neko….was amazing

local flatbread pizza vendor – again super friendly with fantastic food

running for food at mast stage

the slightly smaller boom stage. ‘my morning jacket’ was doing an unplanned set with someone on this stage.

lots of print art/ screenprint booths with amazing event posters. these artists were so incredibly nice and into their work. picked up this one and a few others. thrilled to support them.

more print art

my son checking out the posters. his pick was an ‘avett brothers’ piece.

part of my daughter’s ‘act’