rain delay, rain delay and more rain delay.  we arrived at the park around 12:30 and left around 6:30…during the fourth inning.  professional baseball actually bores me to tears but i do love visiting these old parks from an historical perspective.  the vintage feel of wrigley is (there’s no other word for it) cool.  very cool.  in my twenties, i lived about four blocks from the stadium  – and had never visited the inside until today.  wish i hadn’t waited so long.

view of wrigley just outside the main gate

rooftop stadium viewing surrounds the park

the field was damp when we first arrived

a misty park

the first time the tarp was rolled back for a game start

the huge thunderstorm that blew in – flooding the stadium. but this didn’t stop things.

love this classic logo.

the second time the rain tarp was rolled up.

stadium as we were leaving.

hour five of six rain drenched hours of entertaining this one.