this locally owned artisan dairy farm is located in my hometown of zionsville, indiana. trader’s point creamery has been around for ten years or so – and has grown in both volume and offerings over the last few years as more and more folks realize the benefits to health, environment and local economy of purchasing products from businesses like trader’s point. to their credit, the business does a fabulous job of marketing (beautiful labels and a nationwide distribution), getting customers to their facility (on a gorgeous back country road and hosts an incredible lunch / dairy bar / dinner with music restaurant on the second level of a large renovated barn… and also by hosting dinners outside on a huge deck with music, etc.) and incorporating their products into a myriad of different dishes, some featuring combinations with other local companies such as sun king brewing. and on that note, the tomme washed in sun king’s ‘wee mac ale’ was our favorite on the cheese plate.