just north of indianapolis (and only a few minutes from where i spent two thirds of my childhood) is a small corporate/private airport.  these days, it hosts a considerably sized modern building with lobby, comfortable waiting areas, large hangars and a plethora of corporate jets sitting around.  but for over fifty years, it was a tiny farmland airport -basically a landing strip featuring a shack of a ‘terminal’.  the original name of the location was ‘terry airport’ (see facts about ‘terry airport’).  quaint, and the perfect place for a teenager to learn to fly… which is exactly what my brother did.  he earned his pilot’s license here at eighteen while a freshman in college.  to say that my brother loves flying is a massive understatement.  currently, he may be found flying large jets all over the country for several major airlines. and today, this little airport – still in the middle of corn fields – is called the ‘indianapolis executive airport’ and is utilized for much more corporate travel than in previous years.  it has lost some of its charm but the soul of the original place is still there.  (see ‘history of indianapolis executive airport’).