had the opportunity to revisit these two rural indiana villages yesterday on the way to a campground.  my brother decided we should take the more scenic, back roads route (love my family) – which led us through these two low-key but historically important sites.  they are both close to where i attended college, purdue university, but must admit that the history of this area was lost on me at the time.  battle ground is a more traditional small indiana crossroads town – features a tiny residential community and a few businesses.  prophetstown, on the other hand, is less a village and more an area light on residents and heavy on spiritual presence.  which is fitting – given the history.  prophetstown is where the tippecanoe and wabash rivers meet…sight of the beautiful blue bridge with gorgeous views below.  it is also where a major alliance of native american tribes converged in the early 1800’s in order to form a resistance against settlers.  a battle with significance in both native american history as well as american/british history – the ‘battle of tippecanoe’ ensued on this site.  (see ‘battle of tippecanoe’).  this led me to also further research ‘the prophet’, as he was known – his personal history is fascinating in many ways. (see ‘Tenskwatawa‘.)  i am perpetually amazed by how many lessons for modern day life can be extrapolated from historical events (maybe why i was an art history major)… and also by how so very many mistakes are repeated over and over.

prophetstown historical marker

breeze through prophetstown

breeze over wabash & tippecanoe rivers

view from bridge of confluence of rivers

view from other side of bridge

battle ground, indiana

found in battle ground village

fields outside battle ground

irrigation of field in the area